About Ureki

The locals experienced its magic features in the 19th century when the sand helped curing various chronic diseases.

It attracted the attention of medical experts, some research institutes were involved in studying the issue and it turned out that magnetic field has a painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect, it stimulates tissue regeneration but what is the most important is that this sand strengthen body’s immune system, reduces the number of serious diseases and increases life duration of people. 

Scientific research has proven that curing factors of this resort are highly effective in dealing with different illnesses.

Nowadays magnet is widely used as a method of regenerative therapy and magnetic therapy is widely used in gynecology, urology, cosmetology, sports medicine, orthopaedics, in curing cardio- and blood vascular diseases, etc.

Moreover, Ureki will seem interesting for those who are in search of stillness and unity with nature.

This small town is an important destination in travelling about Georgia, it is situated at the distance of 60 km northwards from Batumi and 10 km to the south from Poti. There is a new attractions park “Cicinatela” (a Disneyland analogue) not far away from “Prime Ureki” hotel.

The district also has some landscape objects worth attention. Visiting them is sure to become a source of nice memories for you. 

Ureki will prove to be a pleasant health-improving resort without any gloomy wards or scheduled treatment.

Everything happens here by itself!