About Poti

Poti is a western port and the most important industrial center of Georgia. At the same time it is one of the most ancient towns of this beautiful country. As early as in 5-4th centuries BC a town of Phazis was situated at this spot being an economic and cultural center of Colchis. Pheasant birds got their name after this ancient town. They were brought to Europe by the legendary Argonauts who had come to Colchis in their search for the Golden Fleece. A trade way from India to Europe went here, and nowadays Poti plays as important role for commerce as at that times. The modern town was founded at the place of the Pontus Fortress (Pontus Euxinus was an ancient name of the Black Sea) built by the Turks in 1578.

The first railway in Georgia was open also in Poti. The event took place in 1871.

A city with so rich a history must have preserved lots of interesting monuments. First of all the Museum of Local Lore of Poti is worth visiting, after which you can go to the suburbs, towards lake Paliastomi. This picturesque pond belongs to the Colchis natural reserve with its unique flora and fauna. Poti has lots of things to offer its guests! The city on the Black Sea coasts is waiting for you!